About Us


ContentSwitch Technologies (Pty) Ltd was founded on 1st of July 2010. ContentSwitch specialise in developing, operating and maintaining customised software solutions for basic to complex transactional businesses, typically across the web. The company was formed by a group of highly experienced and qualified software engineers that have many years experience in extremely high volume real-time transactional environments. The company was born from the software division of Psitek (Pty) Ltd, where they built a high volume internet based vending system that connects GSM devices to a robust transactional back-end and vends between 200 and 1000 transactions per minute. A range of complimentary products was developed surrounding this platform over the last few years as well including a myriad of 3rd party and device interfaces.

Products and Services Summary


In 2011, we developed (and continue expanding) OnlineOnly. OnlineOnly is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product for use on the internet.

The system has been built on a modular concept whereby there are a set of basic modules that all customers require, such as a company profile, a user manager for managing the users on the system, a permissions manager for managing access control and basic reporting across all modules used.

More complex standard business process modules are built on top of these basic modules in order to create solutions specific to a customer. On top of these business process modules further customization can be introduced in order to make the system even more customer-specific where required.

Development Services

We provide custom development services for:

  • Web based transactional systems (e.g. vending, e-commerce, switching, interactive transactions)
  • Web based applications (static, dynamic and interactive)
  • Administration systems
  • Opensource application frameworks
  • 3rd Party Interfaces (SOAP, XML, REST, Proprietary)
  • Firmware development
  • Selected embedded systems

ContentSwitch is privately owned.