OnlineOnly provides access to all of ContentSwitch's web offerings. Based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) principle, users are able to choose the functionality they require.

Thousands of transactions pass through OnlineOnly every day from internet users, online shops, 3rd party systems and mobile devices.

OnlineOnly currently offers the following services:

  • Mobile Sales Management - a solution for Africa! Included are:
    • Stock Management - for managing and tracking stock across warehouses, depots, shops, etc.
    • Sales Management - for managing and tracking manual and mobiles sale across warehouses, depots, shops, etc., using the OnlineOnly back-end and/or mobile sales devices. All types of stock are configurable, including physical items and voucher based products
    • Basic Delivery Management - for managing and tracking deliveries across warehouses, depots, shops, etc.
  • Building Management - a turnkey solution for managing the construction process of low cost housing.

Because OnlineOnly is a modular system, any combination of functionality and modules are available depending on your business needs. The entire system is permission driven, thus allowing your users to only see and use functionality you have allocated to them.

OnlineOnly is hosted centrally and all upgrades, maintenance and backups are made centrally without you having to worry about maintaining a system. You simply use it as and when you need it!

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A number of years ago, Psitek put a strategy in place for a new vending business under the Kazang brand, to sell prepaid airtime, electricity and a variety of other services. The ContentReady platform was developed to enable that business, and currently services in excess of 10000 terminals, and millions of transactions daily. The solution was designed from scratch and includes accounting, stock management, reporting and 3rd party interface.

The Kazang business has provided thousands of people an opportunity to earn extra income - made possible by well designed and developed software. ContentSwitch developed and maintained this system, ensuring that Psitek could focus on the continued growth of Kazang.

Kazang has been taken over by Saicom Payphones (Pty) Ltd) and continues to operate and grow. ContentSwitch provided their exclusive ContentReady support, maintenance and development for a number of years.